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Visitor Check-in

Welcome to Burnet Elementary STREAM Magnet

Parent Information

All parents are required to have a valid ID or drivers license to enter or to check out a student.


*Due to COVID-19, we are not having visitors at school at this moment.

Visitors must go directly to the office, sign in and receive a Visitor’s badge before walking in the building. Classroom visits for parent observations are limited to 15 minutes. Your visit will be announced to the teacher or you will be escorted to the classroom. Visitors may not interrupt the teacher. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled during non-academic times. Administration reserves the right to limit classroom visits. Any other needs can be addressed by office personnel. We will relay information and forgotten items without disturbing the learning environment. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Parents may also have lunch with their child by signing in and receiving a Visitor’s badge. Visitors must return their badge to the front office and sign out before leaving the building.


Early Pick-Up or Dismissal

Any child leaving before the end of the school day must be signed out through the school office by a parent or legal guardian. A picture ID is required for verification. A person other than the parent/legal guardian may also sign out your child, if you have PREVIOUSLY designated them in writing, as someone to whom we may release your child. This information is collected at the time of registration and may be updated, in writing, at any time through the school year. Any changes in a student’s transportation home must be sent in writing with the student prior to dismissal. Last minute changes are extremely difficult to verify so please plan ahead. We hope you can understand that our first concern is always the safety of your child.

Late Arrivals

Children arriving after 8:20 a.m. are tardy. After 8:20 a.m., your child will be required to obtain a Tardy Slip from the office in order to enter class. A parent/guardian must accompany the child into the building to sign in their child. A child may not come in after 8:20 by themselves. Failure to comply may result in a CPS or G.I.S.D. Police contact.

Thank you for your attention!!

Burnet Elementary School